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Common mistakes / errors while setting up your app

If these don't solve your issue, you can always reach out to us via the chat

Your bubble app doesn't load in the native app or preview mode

Setting a username & password in bubble app -> settings tab will prevent the page from loading inside the native app
Remove this setting for the page to load. Double check that you've entered the right URL

The loading screen doesn't go away automatically

Make sure you have updated to the latest version of the Native apps (bdk) plugin in your bubble app -> Plugins tab
Check that your bubble app isn't password protected (see above point)
You can force remove the loading screen by adding a When page is loaded workflow and add the BN - Remove Loading workflow step there

What if I need to use some elements (e.g. appinfo) on the page and reusables

You can have as many such elements are you like including within reusables.
For example placing an appinfo element inside a reusable will allow you to conditionally change things inside the reusable depending on the platform.
The best part - refreshing any appinfo intelligently updates the rest of appinfo elements. We've really thought through your bubble development needs to make it seamless :-)

Onesignal push notifications don't work in the native app or preview mode

The BN - Push notification action has a yes/no setting called 'Preview mode'
If you're testing via the bdk native app preview mode, make sure this is yes. It will use our credentials to send the notification
If you are running the action in your native app build that you purchased, make sure this is no. Do ensure that you have provided your onesignal credentials in the bubble plugins -> native apps (bdk) tab

Onesignal push notifications work in the preview mode but not in my own build

Make sure the 'Preview mode' checkbox is unchecked in the BN - Push notification step
Make sure the onesignal app id and api key is entered in plugins -> Native apps (bdk) plugin
Make sure you are saving the player ID generated in your app and not the preview mode in database. Please delete all saved player IDs in your database that were generated in preview mode. The preview mode player IDs will be different than those in your own app, for any given device

GPS address doesn't work in the native app

Open the bdk native app on your device. Go to native features -> device gps tracking. Check if it works there
If it works there but not in the page in your bubble app, it means you've provided an invalid / expired google maps api key to your bubble app. Get a google maps api key and enter it in your bubble app settings. Check out the bubble documentation for more information.

Placing the elements like appinfo, nativeheader will impact the design of my app

You can just set them to 1x1 size and place them in the top left corner of the page / group wherever you're using them so that they don't interfere with your design
They also don't actually appear on the page so you don't need to worry about something wierd showing up on the page

Updated on: 10/03/2022

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