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Will the same bubble page continue to work on a browser

Absolutely. BDK Native's integration is seamless. You don't double your effort.

Your webapp will continue to work on the browser as it would have, had it not been for the Native apps plugin
The Native apps plugin's steps are automatically ignored when they are run in a browser environment
Infact you can customize how a certain element / workflow behaves in your bubble page depending on the specific environment - iOS, Android or Web using a simple condition

The BDK Native app is infact the responsive bubble page locted at
To see a real-time example, (1) open the BDK native webpage in your browsers - desktop / mobile / tablet, and open the BDK native app on your device. Now compare! Don't have links? click here
After signing in, click configure preview and you'll see that it works the same way in a browser or inside the native app
Click launch preview and you'll see that it does different things inside a native vs. browser environment. So simple and easy :-)

What this means is that we have just reduced your effort by a huge margin. If you have your page designed to work well in a mobile browser, you're almost ready to go native!

Updated on: 12/08/2019

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