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Glossary - Understanding some common terms

Here's some commonly used terms that might confuse you

Build File

A fully built up compiled file of your app that a user can install on their device via App Store or Play Store.
Also known as ipa for app store and apk for play store


The process of generating the build file of your app for the first time.
When you purchase the BDK Native Service, you are basically purchasing the build.
The build file for iOS apps is directly uploaded by us to your App listing
The build file for Android apps is provided by us to you for uploading to your App listing


The process of regenerating the build
Typically required if you want to change some details submitted on project page e.g. app icon
Required if you want to upgrade you BDK Native Engine to a newer version

App Listing

The details about an app that you see on searching for an app on appstore
Implies details such as app description, screenshots, update notes, privacy policy link etc.
You create your app's listing on Apple's Appstore Connect for iOS & Google's Play Store Console for Android
In an app listing there is a place to uploaded the build file described above

App Metadata

Another term for the content on app listing i.e. app description, screenshots, update notes, privacy policy link etc.

Bundle Name

A unique id for an app listing. Needs to specified when the app listing is created
Typically written as something like resembling the reverse of a domain just as a convention

BDK Native Engine

Our core product, which allows your Native Apps (bdk) bubble plugin to communicate back and forth with the native device

BDK Native Release

We keep adding new features & enhancements to the native engine.
When a collection of these is tested and made available to you, we call it a 'engine release'
Check out this list of engine releases till date
Every time you order a rebuild, you app is updated to the latest engine version

Appstore Connect

Apple's portal where you can create app listings for iOS apps
We upload build file inside an app listing
Previously known as iTunes Connect

Playstore Console

Google's portal where you can create app listings for Android apps
We provide you the build file to upload inside the app listing

Apple Developer Account (Organization Enrollment)

Apple's annual membership which allows you to publish apps to app store
There is Individual, Organization and Enterprise developer account types
Individual and Organization accounts cost the same $99.
We support either types of accounts.

Onesignal Player ID

Just like bubble generates a unique ID for everything (such as user's unique id), onesignal also generates a unique ID for each device for a specific app
This unique ID generated by onesignal is called 'Player ID'. Together with your onesignal app ID and api key, it can be used to send notification to a specific device
A typical approach is to save the player ID to a field in your bubble user object, so that you can send notifications to that user

Updated on: 02/19/2022

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