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BDK Native iOS App
It will ask you to first install testflight
Then the option to install the app will show inside testflight

BDK Native Android App

BDK Native Webpage
This is the bubble webpage that's also loaded inside the BDK Native apps

BDK Native Plugin Documentation
To install the plugin search for Native Apps (bdk) in your bubble app -> plugins -> add plugin

BDK Native Release History
A timeline of the features we have released till date

BDK Native Helpdesk
* Contains resources for you to read and learn more about BDK Native before you purchase

BDK Native Project
Once you 'Start a project' in the BDK Native app / browser page, you can open it from the app

BDK Native Preview
Click 'Launch a preview' in the BDK Native app. You can change the settings by clicking 'Configure preview'

Updated on: 12/08/2019

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