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How is it different from other wrappers & services

Don't just rely on our words. Compare some apps built on BDK Native vs. other services yourself

Deep integration into bubble

The BDK Native engine allows for bubble app to have 2-way communication with the native part
Try out features like Native popups, Header button etc. within the features
Try out the native transitions to navigate from one page of your app to another, and swipe back to the previous one instantly
Now try to acheive this using other wrappers / services :-)

Not just a wrapper

Check out native templates like Native Lists and Scan code. These are purely native add-ons, which you can trigger & control via your bubble app
Custom design your splash screens and header. Update them using bubble workflows after your page is loaded
Tailored for bubble from end-to-end keeping bubble developers in mind
To the best of our knowledge, conventional wrappers such as gonative, superview, webviewgold don't offer these things.

Not like other service providers / platforms

Services offering native apps on bubble typically use one of these wrappers and charge you for their time
Other platforms like Thunkable, Dropsource essentially require you to build another app, with your bubble app as backend
Learning curve, Iteration speed, Cost and Maintenance in this case is a completely different level of challenge of its own

If you think any of the above is incorrect / misinformed, please feel free to report this and we are happy to correct it.

Updated on: 12/05/2019

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