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What do I need in addition to BDK Native

All you need is your accounts which will host your apps on the stores

You need these accounts for your app

Google play developer account. Google charges $25 one-time for a developer account.


Apple developer account . Apple charges $99 / year for developer account.
If you have a legal entity / company, we recommend you get an organization enrollment type of account
For individual type accounts, we need to coordinate with you for additional 5 minutes over chat

Push notifications

Firebase account (free)
Onesignal account (free)

Why do I need all these accounts? Can't you use your accounts?
So that you can list your apps on the app store and play store
You control the ownership and everything associated with your app listing
We don't publish your apps in our accounts. It keeps us safer and you the owner our your app
If you ever decide to stop using bubble and/or bdk native for a different platform / service provider, you can do it instantaneously

What do I do with all these accounts?
Once you purchase the bdk native service, you will receive step-by-step guide of what to do with each account, including recorded videos
These are pretty basic 1-2 minute tasks of creating a new app listing on each
The details from these listings are provided by you in our project page when requesting us to build your app
It doesn't take more than 10-15 minutes in total, with no prior experience.

Updated on: 06/24/2021

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