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I received a message about Google Play's target API level requirements. How does this affect my android app

Google's Message on Android App Requirements

Received a Google email about your Android app? If it mentions some of your apps are targeting an old Android version and talks about a deadline of Aug 31, 2023, here's the breakdown.

Breaking it Down

Every year, Google refines the standards for Android apps using 'API levels'. These are crucial indicators of how your app interacts with different Android versions. They're split into:

- Minimum API Level: The oldest Android version your app can run on.
- Target API Level: The Android version your app is best suited for.

The email you've received is focusing on the Target API Level. From August 31, 2023, any new app or update submitted to Google must target at least API Level 33. However, existing apps on the Play Store before this date aren't affected.

Implications for Your Existing App

If your app targets an API Level above 30, you're in the clear. Lucky for you, builds crafted by bdk within the last 14-18 months are set at API Level 32. But if it's been over 1.5 years since your last build, consider ordering an rebuild before the end of August. To kickstart this, simply head to your bdk project page.

bdk's Upcoming API Standards

Come August 20, 2023, we're elevating our game. All new bdk Android builds will have:

- Target API Level 34 ( a step up from current 32 )
- Require a Minimum API Level of 26 ( a step up from current 24 )

Every year, prior to Google's updates, we tweak these levels to make sure your app stays fresh, shedding support for outdated Android versions and embracing the latest.

Ready for an Immediate Upgrade?

Eager to align with Google's fresh standards right away? Let's do it. Request a rebuild via your bdk native project page.

Crave More Insights?

For a deeper dive, check out Google's official post.

Feeling Pressured? Need More Time?

Don't sweat it. Google understands. You can request an extension, stretching your deadline to November 1, 2023. Eligible parties will find extension forms in the Play Console by early August. Just navigate to the Policy status page.

Updated on: 08/18/2023

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