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What if Apple rejects my app

The important question is 'Why' they could reject your app

BDK Native provides access to the native capabilities in the form of Bubble workflows & actions.
If the rejection is specifically related to a BDK Native capability, you can request a iOS rebuild at no cost or a refund for the iOS build.
If the reason for rejection is not native capability related - such as providing inadequate or improper app store listing, legal, business, content, or subpar look & feel of your bubble app - there is no obligation on BDK Native platform to issue you a rebuild or refund.

Why else could Apple reject an app

It is well established that just having native capabilities is not a guarantee of Apple approving an app
To meet Apple's review criteria, it is important that you submit a bubble app which has quality design with a native look & feel
Apple also frequently rejects apps for reasons that are not product related e.g. privacy, security, business model, vulgarity etc

What are the most common reasons for rejection in your experience

Your app uses a login interface but you forget to provide the Apple reviewer with a username and password for testing
You have used generic iOS permissions messages in your project page. They need to be specific : see 'purpose string' examples provided by Apple here
Submitting to apple for review with android phone screenshots or app information in the listing mentioning android / play store
Mentioning 'android' or 'play store' inside your bubble app. Yes, they really hate it. Tip: You should conditionally hide these 'when appinfo's is Native iOS is yes'
Your bubble app's look & feel is badly designed. If Apple feels, its just another website they will reject it. To see examples of successfully approved apps, check out the BDK Native Gallery.

Fortunately, each of these things can be easily addressed by you

Just do the basic things right, and with a good looking bubble app you'll be in the app store in no time

Updated on: 08/06/2023

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